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Laboratory of molecular physics. The descriptions of practicals.

Topic/Subject # Title of practical Files
5.2 Study of distribution of Brownian particles in the homogeneous field of gravity Description: PDF
5.3 Determination of the viscosity coefficient of air Description: PDF
5.4 Determination of the gas diffusion coefficient at different pressure Description: PDF
5.5 Determination of the diffusion coefficient of water vapor and alcohol in air Description: PDF
5.6 Determination of cp to cv ratio of air by the Clement-Desormes method and calculation of the change of the entropy in different proccesses Description: PDF
5.7 Determination of cp to cv ratio of gases by measuring the speed of sound Description: PDF
5.8 Entropy of an isolated system Description: PDF
5.9 Determination of the molar heat of vaporization for water at the boiling temperature Description: PDF
5.10 Surface tension coefficient of a liquid Description: PDF
5.11 Determination of specific heat capacity of the solid bodies at room temperature Description: PDF
5.12 The Hall effect Description: PDF
5.13 Study of the temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity of metals and semiconductors Description: PDF