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Laboratory of atomic physics. The descriptions of practicals.

Topic/Subject # Title of practical Files
Photoelectric effect 4.1 Study of the photoelectric effect Description: PDF
4.2 Determination of Planck's constant by means of the stopping potential method Description: PDF
Calibration chart: PDF
4.3 Study of the external photoelectric effect Description: PDF
Black-body radiation 4.4 Study of thermal radiation laws Description: PDF
Atomic phenomenology and models 4.5 Spectrum of the He-Ne LASER Description: PDF
Calibration chart: PDF
4.6 Study of the emission and absorption spectra Description: PDF
Supplementary: PDF
4.7 Confirmation of Bohr postulates Description: PDF
4.8 Spin-orbital interaction and fine structure of radiation spectra Description: PDF
Wave and quantum properties of radiation 4.9 Uncertainty relations for photons Description: PDF
4.10 Modelling the tunnel effect Description: PDF
Radioactivity and particle physics 4.11 Study of decomposition of radioactive radon Description: PDF
4.12 Study of long-lived potassium isotope Description: PDF