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Laboratory of optics. The descriptions of practicals.

# Topic/Subject Title of practical Files
Geometrical optics Practical tasks Tasks: PDF
1.1 Geometrical optics Part 1. Basic elements and methods for characterization of optical systems Description: PDF
Part 2. Optical systems Description: PDF
1.2 Electromagnetic waves Study of electromagnetic waves in a two-wire transmission line Description: PDF
1.3 Geometrical optics Focal length measurement of thin lenses Description: PDF
1.4 Geometrical optics Study of the microscope Description: PDF
1.5 Interference of light Newton's rings Description: PDF
1.6 Interference of light Study of temporal coherence of radiation Description: PDF
1.7 Interference of light Young's experiment Description: PDF
1.8 Interference of light Young's experiment with a laser Description: PDF
1.9 Interference of light Determination of the wavelength of light with a split lens and a double prism Description: PDF